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We work with all types of wedding venues. We have hotels, barns, registry offices and even historical buildings as E-There partner venues. The venues we work with can be very different but the service you receive from E-There remains the same. Watch the video to hear stories from venues we are working with.

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#1 Wedding Streaming Platform In The World

One day we expect it to be a common turn of phrase – 

If You Can’t Be There… E-There.

Awarded the best streaming platform at the Global Wedding Awards 2020, E-There aims to be a household name in the next few years. Our goal is to be the bridge between distance and circumstance, to make sure that nobody misses out on the big moments in life. 

Our idea -Your service

We give venues a new product where we do all the work.

Once we install E-There in your venue, it creates an ongoing revenue stream for your business and an amazing solution for your couples. There will always be someone that cannot attend a wedding, but with E-There at your venue that problem is now solved. We handle all of the bookings, setup, customer service, and all the techy stuff, while you as a venue will earn revenue from each booking. That’s right – we do all the work and you earn additional revenue.

HOw does it work

Features & Benefits

a great new service - happy couples - additional revenue

1. cameras

We program our smart cameras internal settings to link to our servers. Once they are linked they are then given up to 9 programmed angles and distances relevant to your venue. We give it a brain – your brain.

2. Installation

Our installation process is based around your WiFi connection and camera locations. Our E-There installer will work with you to find the perfect spot. We have remote implementation options as an option, too, should you wish.

3. Training

Can you press an ‘off’ button?! Don’t worry we will give full training. We do make it that easy. We will give you logins to check on your system and to see bookings and revenue accumulated. You will also have your own Customer Success Manager on hand to provide proactive support. 

4. bookings

All the customer service is handled by us. We take the bookings and all the responsibility of the customer journey. You will have your own dedicated E-There booking page for your couples to go to. To see an example of a venue booking page click here

Do You Want To Boost Your Venue?

2020 vision for wedding venues


We need to test what “bad WiFi” is. The experience you have with your WiFi is based on download speed, we use upload speed so it may not be as bad as you think for sending a stream to us. We also have many tricks of the trade to get past poor connection by compressing the video before it’s sent. Speak to one of our team and we can test your internet speed over the phone in 30 seconds.

No. Each couple will have their own unique web address and page built for them. Look at the demo page in the E-There menu to see the format of the page. 

We also have many tricks of the trade to get past poor connection by compressing the video before it’s sent. Speak to one of our team and we can test your internet speed over the phone in 30 seconds.

E-There. We handle all of the customer service. We establish this relationship at point of booking so they will know to come to us for any requests or questions. We make it so that nothing changes for you except an additional problem-solving solution and an additional revenue stream.

Well you do actually need to turn the cameras on and off, but nothing else. You have a remote for this and although you won’t need it we do give full training. 🙂

We are able to install in maximum one day. There is a huge demand currently so you can call us on 08000291711 to find out when the next available installation day is.

Contact one of our team and book a 15min demo call. We are here to help. We have installed in a variety of different venues and circumstances. Call 0800 0291711

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