Jack & Sarah
Are getting married on 19th August 2021
Once Upon a Time

Please join us for our wedding ceremony on 19th August 2019.


Please arrive before 4:00 PM on 19th August 2021.


Our dearest friends and family from all around the world.


Kingscote Barn, Binley Farm, Kingscote, Tetbury GL8 8YE

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23rd September 2015

Chapter 1: First Time We Met

"My great aunt was a librarian at a university where my great uncle was studying to be a teacher. He's very shy and thought she was pretty so he would go in and check out books as an excuse to talk to her. After about two months he realised he had a huge stack of books that were overdue that she had been too polite to remind him about, and he sheepishly had to carry them all back. She told him she would get rid of his fines if he took her to dinner. Three kids and 65 years of marriage later they're still the best couple I know."

1st October 2015

Chapter 2: Our First Date

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17th July 2018

Chapter 3: He asked & she said yes

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